Friday, August 19, 2011

Why I'm Not a Sign Painter

You remember that awesome job I did of putting the address numbers on our front door?

Well, I've done and made it "better"  I made a stencil of our logotype and (tried) to stencil it onto our front door.  It's sort of a temporary solution until we get our sign finished.  (The sign is lit up now, but there's still nothing on the one side of it and still says "The Den" on the other.  It was supposed to have been ready for this weekend but when you come down for Bear Frenzy, you'll see that it clearly was not.  Oh, well.)

Regardless, here's the "terrific" job I did on the stencil.

It's a nice idea but it really looks like crap up close.

At least it looks halfway decent from a distance:

Karl will be fixing my shitty stencil job later.  For which we should all be glad.

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