Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Lights are On....

...but nobody's home.  At least in the bar, anyway.

Over the weekend, decided on what we're gonna have for lighting in the bar.  It took a trip to Fresno to the hardware store but we got it figured.  And we'll be well below the Title 24 requirements for wattage used for lighting.  Picked out some nice LED lights along with some immensely flattering fluorescent lights.  Got a few new track lights, too.

Overall, the shopping wasn't nearly as awful as I thought it might be.  It's not that I dislike shopping it's that I didn't relish the figuring of wattages and locations and a bunch of other stuff.  But it's done.  And our electric bill will thank us, I'm sure.

So, we've sent the list to the engineer guy who should have them implemented sometime today (if not yesterday; we'll have to check on that) and then it's back to City Hall where the second-to-last Magical Hoop™ can be cleared.

(Hmmm...  If all goes well, construction may commence the week of March 28.  Cross your fingers and hope I didn't just put myself too far out on the limb there...)

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