Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amazing People

We know some truly amazing people.

We're less than two weeks away from our planned opening (and still on track) and more and more friends are popping out of the woodwork to help us!

There's a guy we know who is going beyond the call of duty to help us change the look of the bar itself to something that's going to be really, really cool.  (We think.)  And it'll make the background of our website make a little more sense, too.

There're others who are helping just do "whatever we need".  Yesterday, our ceiling got painted by one such of these.  Our fence has been strengthened. A toilet was fixed (it was broken by one of two of our contractors but everybody denies it was them.  Patches have been made for stucco.  There are many, many examples; these are just a couple that I can think of right now.

Frankly, we could not even think about meeting our June 20 deadline without these people.

Now, back to work.  The electrical and A/C guys are at the bar today finishing their work and should be done by early afternoon.  Our refrigeration guy is coming tomorrow and he'll be done with his stuff tomorrow.  Then, we think we're ready for our final building inspection on Friday.

(We did have a vandalism "issue" again this past Thursday night/Friday morning and again Monday night/Tuesday morning.  Some donkey--and by donkey, I mean jackass--broke into the back yard and destroyed the old walk-in refrigeration roof unit as it was waiting to be put onto the roof.  It should be covered by insurance (adjuster arriving this morning to check into it) but it has caused a bit of a delay; and that delay shouldn't be too bad.)

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