Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Us?

Maybe it's just the sheer number of contractors we've had to have dealings with.  But we're running about 75/25 good to bad.

Our electrician, Max, has been spectacular.  He will be getting business from us in the future.  If you need an electrician, ask us; we'll give you his contact information.

Our roofer was great.  Depite delaying starting on our roof for about a day, he was fantastic.  Cleaned up all his debris and left the job done right and both Karl and I completely satisfied.  (We're happy to give you his contact information, too.)

Our drywall guy was great, too.  Came in on a Saturday to do some work and, over all, did a nice and professional job.  (Need drywall?  Let us know; we'll give you his info, too.)

Our A/C guy was darn good, too.  His crew went above and beyond what they were supposed to do and helped make us satisfied customers.  (Yeah, you know....)

On the other hand, our roofing framer (you know, the one who left us without a roof for a week in the rain...) I simply can not recommend at all.  He can't even be counted on to hammer in a nail properly.  (Literally.)

And, now most recently, our refrigeration guy for the walk-in cooler.  He doesn't follow (or doesn't remember) directions well.  He tromped around on our roof in the heat potentially damaging some of the brand new shingles beyond repair.  (Roofer guy is coming to take a look at it to give us his opinion; hopefully tomorrow.)  Claims to never leave a job without being paid right then and there for the work.  (The first I'd heard of it was when he was demanding payment in full after the job was done.)  Seems to have been offended that I found several problems with his work (which, if he had done it the way he had been directed by Karl, wouldn't have been a problem).  He freaked out when we called him today asking about the damage to the roof threatening to come back and rip the condenser unit off the roof.  (Which, by the way, is now ours since we paid him for the equipment yesterday.  In other words, he threatened to steal my equipment; not exactly professional.)

And perhaps the cause of most concern is the fact he did not return our phone calls for three days.  (Granted, one of those days was a Sunday.)  We had expected the unit to be ready on Thursday.  We called on Thursday afternoon and left a message.  Left at least two messages on Friday; no call back.  Same for Saturday.  And one message on Sunday.  Finally, on Monday, he called back saying that he'd be able to come Tuesday to install the unit.  Communication does not seem to be this guy's strong point.

Honestly, I think the poor guy is just completely, utterly overwhelmed by having been handed the business by his father.  He doesn't seem to have the business sense needed to run a business well (or at all).  He volunteered that he had lost his credit because of the economy.  I think the guy has a major cash flow problem and a major problem with listening to his customers.  (Is it my fault he doesn't follow directions or take care to not damage the roof he's tromping on?)

Regardless, all the stuff needed for the fire repair has been done.  (Aside from a little plumbing work I'm going to have to do on the roof tomorrow.)

You read that correctly.  The fire repair is complete.

We have the county Health Department coming on Friday.  I know we'll have some concerns to correct.  Most likely having to do with clean up of the dust and assorted construction debris.  And we'll take care of that over the weekend with a final inspection to take place on Monday.  (Now that I'm reading all of this, I think I should have them come on Monday instead....  Meh!  I'll think about that tomorrow!)

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