Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Steps

A guy was supposed to meet me at 3 in the afternoon at the bar to replace my truck's windshield.  (It had been broken for close to 10 years, I think).  Just before three, he called to say he was running late and would be at the bar in about 45 minutes.  He didn't show up until quarter after four.  Yay. 

So while I waited for him to get there and while he was working on the truck I spent some time kinda cleaning up the place.

We wanted to save the drink hangers over the bar and not have them end up with the rest of the roof.  In removing them it turns out that the easiest thing to do was to remove the wood panels and scalloped trim and the associated wires and other....stuff....that was up there.  This is what it looks like after all that was removed.  (Pictures from my crappy cell phone camera.)

I really don't think the tiny bits of work that gets done on days like yesterday really make that much of a difference.  But at least it makes me feel like something is getting done while not actually doing anything.

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