Monday, February 14, 2011

Fence Demolition

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sometimes, before you can move on to your new love, you have to break up with the old one.  Here are a couple pictures of us breaking up with our old fence--it was too wrinkled and weak to continue in the relationship.

And one final picture that was taken after the fence was completely taken out.  (Thanks to David for helping finish the demolition.)

Ah!  Whatta lovely picture of our baby!  All naked and fence-less!  (I hope he gets cuter as he gets older...)


  1. I think the bar is a girl, unless he's well tucked in. Or is that a 'stubby' on top?

  2. *Gasp!*

    I'm shocked!

    It's clearly a bent-over, upside-down rear view!