Friday, February 18, 2011

Vandals? Shocking!

Or maybe I should call this one "Shocking Vandals".

Earlier this week while trimming some of the pepper tree's branches to keep them from putting weight on the power and phone lines to the building, I noticed that the power line and support cable had been cut at the weather-head.  (That's the pipe sticking straight up from the wall that the power lines feed into from the pole in the alley.)  Thing is, the power line was live.  Whoever decided they wanted my power line more than I do probably got a nasty, nasty shock.  And I say, "Good!  Serves you right!"

I've since called PG & E and had them make the vandalized wire safe so there's no danger of sparking and arcing.  I'm just glad the only damage was the vandalization and not another fire.

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