Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Opening Day Is.....

....sometime in the future.

Sorry for any false excitement I may have caused there.

A lot of people have been asking both Karl and I "When are you going to open?"  And, unfortunately, we don't have a good answer for that.  We say a lot of things that begin with, "We hope....", and "We think....".  I really do wish we had a concrete opening date.  But, at this stage of the game, the timing is 100% out of our hands.

Here's a rough reverse time line from the future opening date back to now.  (It's only a rough timeline).

  • We can't open until the City signs off on our construction work after it's all completed.
  • The city won't sign off until we have drywall up and insulation in.
  • The drywall can't be installed until the electrician has completed his (or her) work.
  • The electrician can't start his (or her) work until the roof is put on and signed off.
  • The roof can't be signed off until it's put on.
  • The roof can't be put on until the old one is removed.
  • The old roof can't be removed until we get a building permit issued.
  • The permit can't be issued until the plans have been approved.
  • The plans can't be approved until the engineering firm makes all corrections the City wants them to.
And that's where we stand now.  About a month ago, the engineering firm received the plans and correction list from the city.  We gave it to them ourselves.  They said it would take about two weeks to get the corrections done.  And here we are now.  Waiting. 

I knew there would be delays; but part of the issue is probably that I believe people when they tell me, "This will take X-amount of time."  I truly wish I had better information than this.  I've repeatedly said in a whiny, nasal voice to Karl over the past weeks and months, "I want an open bar."

I expect to be able to announce an opening date about a month before the actual opening.

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  1. Somewhere in the middle of this list is also Josephine the Plumber. And maybe an interior decorator who at the last minute will say, "How do you feel about flocked wallpaper?"