Thursday, February 10, 2011

Phoenix Feathers Flying

Holy Flaming Bird on a Stick!

Lots of news came our way yesterday.  (Which is probably why there was no blog post yesterday.)

First off, we got a call to come to Fresno to sign escrow paperwork for the liquor license.  (The ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) and Escrow companies got into bed with each other and decided to make a racket out of buying and selling liquor licenses; you must use an escrow company.  I suppose that's okay; it does protect both parties from bad things.)  So, we did that.  There's one bit of paperwork the ABC is waiting for from the state and then it should be all good.  It could be transferred as early as next week.  But it's not going to be much good without a building to serve drinks in.

And that's the next bit of news.

Our plans have nearly been approved and our building permit is nearly issued.  And we're back to needing to have eletrical plans submitted before the building permit can be issued.  And, as best I understand, it's not even "real" plans that we need.  From what the engineering firm wrote it sounds like all we need to do is indicate with the appropriate symbols on the plans where the new outlets and switches will be.  That may add some to the cost of the electrical but I don't think it'll be too much.  And it's a lot better than having to provide an entirely new electrical plan.  (Our chosen electrician gave the ball-park estimate of about $3,500 for that.  YIKES!)

If all this works out right, we could be ready to start tearing off the roof next week!

.....right when it's supposed to start raining.  Oh, well....

(Realistically, we probably won't be ready to start with the roof for about two weeks even if we get the building permit next week.)

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