Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Correcting the Corrections

We got the revised plans back from the resubmission (or whatever the real thing it's called) to the city yesterday.  There's a list of corrections.  It's a short list, but a list nonetheless.

And this whole thing is just $%@! annoying.  We were told we could get any truss company to build the trusses for us; so we did.  We found a company that would do the trusses cheaper than the company the engineering firm had recommended.  What nobody told us, though, was that we had to inform our engineering firm that a different company was making the trusses.   (If they're made to match the approved truss sheet, why does it matter who makes them???).  That omission of information is costing us time and money.

Now, we have to wait through this ridiculous and slow back check bull$#!& to have corrections made that, quite frankly, make no sense to me.

And I question the thoroughness of some of the people doing work at various places.  We were asked to move the insulation from on top of the ceiling to directly below the roof.  Why wasn't this requested during plan check and back check two to three months ago?  Why do we have to pay for this?  Who the #*&! dropped the ball two months ago??  And how many more times are we going to have to go through revisions and spending more and more money to get new things approved that should have been caught in the first place?

I'm sure I'm just ranting and raving out of sheer frustration with dealing with something I have no experience in.  But, fuck! Make it logical!

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