Thursday, April 7, 2011

Taxes and Other Oops's

Sometimes in being prepared as I like to be, I forget or just don't know to do something.  That thing gets delayed until it's pretty much late and causing delays in doing other things.  (You remember the electrical plans I mentioned some weeks ago?)

Well, the current one relates to taxes and the California Secretary of State.  Turns out we need a "Secretary of State File Number" which is something like a Social Security Number (I guess).  Nothing in my preparations (book readings, website goings-over, etc.) made me think I needed anything like it.  Until I started to do the taxes for the bar and there on the form is a space for entering the Secretary of State File Number.  The alert in the software was yellow--caution--so I didn't think it would be a problem and just submitted the return.  Not surprisingly, it was rejected by the state (and the crap software I used for this doesn't give a reason why, just the figurative big red stamp "REJECTED").  Seeing as that's the only error the crap software finds, I assume that's the item that caused the return to be rejected.

So, $70 more out the door and another couple of weeks waiting for yet another number.  Yay.

Fortunately, California gives an automatic 6 month extension and no taxes are due so we're still fine.  It's just a little annoying is all.  Oh, well.

(And what is the plural of "oops", anyway?)


  1. The plural of oops is oopsies, of course!

  2. Darnsies, someone beat me to it! H