Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spray-On "Hate"

This was the first thing I saw when I got to the bar yesterday afternoon.  I'm not exactly sure what to do about it and, believe it or not, this is not the worst of what happened.  (Pictures of that will have to come later for reasons that will be explained at that time.)

My inclination is to just shrug it off and paint over it.  But then I wonder if the fact it's a gay bar (or will be) elevates this to something more than just vandalism.  Should I contact the police?  Will the police care?  Will the grafitti abatement team care a little more than the cops?

All that being said, what happened yesterday, while not pleasant, could have been much, much worse, trust me. (Again, that'll be explained later.  I'm sorry for being so cagey but I think you'll agree my reasons for being cagey now will be apparent later.)


  1. Oh that sucks! I think that reporting would be a good thing if for nothing else, it will help show a pattern if this crap continues. Will the PD care...nope, not one bit. But you can use it to request increased patrols, and for them to keep an eye on the property when they are driving by.

    I'm curious as to what else they did (besides flunk spelling).

  2. Not that this particular (hate) graffiti is art or exhibits a special talent but has anyone considered turning it into art and taking back the words? Just a thought

  3. As it turns out, Richard, ABC 30 did a news story on the graffiti on Friday's 11:00pm news. (A blog post should be up and ready on that later today.)

    Turning it into art is an intriguing idea and I can certainly see it as such. But, unfortunately (?) the construction crew already cut up the plywood it was painted on and used the pieces for other things. I guess it could still be a mobile... :)

  4. I think a mobile created out of the cut-up plywood remnants would be a great idea.... titled either "deconstructing ignorance", "hanging up & drying out H8" or for a bit more cheek display it in the restroom & title it: "making lemonade out of..." just to name a few that come to mind.

  5. You should have put it up on the corner of Jackson and Belmont where XXXXXXXXX stands and added the word Discounted or Slightly Used. Bear Hugs Karl and Brain can't wait for you to open