Saturday, April 30, 2011

Finishing the Job

Today, Karl's at the bar supervising the installation of the final truss that should have been installed four weeks ago.  Why is Karl supervising?  Because the contractor apparently doesn't supervise his own employees and with the changes made to the framing plans specific strapping and connectors are required to help prevent the roof from flying off in the event of, let's call it, a "wind event".

And it's a good thing Karl's there.  Demo Guy had given his crew the wrong information on how to install the truss he should have installed four weeks ago.  They were doing some kind of bizarre plan to make the studs in the wall line up with the vertical members of the truss instead of what the engineer designed, we (the client) agreed to, and the city approved.

Had Karl not been at the bar to stop the (unsupervised) crew, either Demo Guy would have to come back out again and fix what he had done or we would have had to go back through the process of revising the plans again.  One wonders if this guy is trying to keep this job going forever. 

There are other issues with this contractor that we will get resolved on Monday.  If all goes to plan, that is.  If all doesn't go to plan, it'll be resolved within 45 days or so.

We think it'll be resolved on Monday; it's in everybody's best interest.  We'll be done with this guy and he'll be done with us.  I'm sure we'll all be happier for it.

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