Friday, April 1, 2011

The News on Time!

We've been holding off on making this announcement but we're ready to make it now that we've received all the appropriate approvals.

Back in December when escrow closed for us and we knew we were going to be opening a bar called The Phoenix we contacted our Congress people, Representative Nunes and Senators Boxer and Pelosi, to discuss the possiblity of being exempt from observing daylight savings time.

We reasoned that, since we're named The Phoenix we we own the property and don't have a landlord and Phoenix is in Arizona and Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings time, we shouldn't be subject to daylight savings time, either.  We argued that if we didn't have to move our clocks twice a year we could easily provide more jobs to the community for more hours.  Surprisingly, all three congresspersons agreed!  (Probably the only time they've all agreed on something.)

All three bound together and worked with the Bureau of Time Administration inside the Federal Office of Weights and Measures to get us a waiver.

And, just now, I got off the phone with our contact at the Bureau of Time Administration with the good news.  Our waiver was approved!  We are not subject to daylight savings time at the bar!

There was a lot of red tape involved in this but I think it'll all be worth it in the end.  We had to agree to get special clocks that are only made in Arizona as well as agree to air our television ads only after 11:00pm.  (11:00pm for the rest of the state; not for us.)

Further, we had to find technology (that came from China) that will automatically adjust the times on our customer's watches, phones and other time-keeping devices to the correct time inside the bar.  So, if you have a watch with a dial on it, the second you step through the door, you can watch the hands adjust themselves for you!  I've tested it at home and it's pretty cool!  I can't wait for everybody to see it.

This animation shows what it looks like on my watches and clocks.  In real life, it's much, much smoother.

Anyway, this is wonderful news for us!  It's something we wanted to make sure was done so we can set ourselves apart from everybody else in Fresno and even from the rest of the state!

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