Thursday, April 14, 2011

The New Ceiling

If you've been following this delightful process of opening a bar, you'll know that way back in December we posted some really bad renderings of the new ceiling.  Much concern was expressed by many people about the ceiling.  And, finally, we can see how well my crappy renderings match up with reality.

Behold!  THE NEW CEILING!!!!  MARVEL in its loftiness! REJOICE in its completeness!

Well, it doesn't really do justice to the sheer impact of having the higher ceiling.  I tell ya, I absolutely love and am thrilled with the way it looks.

Obviously, we still have a lot of work to do on the ceiling itself.  For starters, it needs to be a ceiling and not open trusses like that.  (Which was our original idea; we like the look of the open trusses.  We kinda wanted a "light construction" theme for the bar.  Like it wasn't quite finished.  Like you were walking into a construction site.  But that was going to be expensive for various reasons.)

So, there ya go.  Now on to the next bit of stress.  The interior construction work.  (When do I get a vacation, anyway?)


  1. Bravo gentlemen!! Your timeless work ethics will generate many satisfied customers and provide years of entertainment for the community. Keep going we want to see your success reign.

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