Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Return to The City; The Stamp of the Approver"

Our "back check" appointment with the City for the revised truss plan was a bit sooner than I had expected it to be--it was yesterday. It all went fine and we got the new stamp of approval (really.  It says "Approved") and now we can proceed.  We next need to have the roof framing contractor install the truss he should have in the first place and then get the framing job inspected and approved (there's that word again).  We're not sure yet when that will be.  Hopefully sometime this week or early next week.

Also on our agenda for yesterday was a new site plan revising the parking situation. The original site plan (which was approved) showed 19 spaces including two accessible stalls.  We had to show a "path of travel" from the accessible stalls to the main entrance.  There are rules about where that path of travel can go (which I've now become reasonably well-versed in).  Since we showed two accessible stalls, the "path of travel" had to be in front of the two spaces which put them 5 feet further out into the parking lot than the non-accessible stalls and that was just, well, weird.  (And probably would have caused some minor accidents in the parking lot.)

But, I learned after reading various parts of the building code that for the number of spaces we have in the lot, we only need one accessible stall and that the "path of travel" can be behind a person's own vehicle but not someone else's.  So, we reduced the number of accessible stalls to one, moved it back in line with the rest of the parking spaces, moved the "path of travel", reduced the total number of indicated spaces to 13 and all is right in the world.

(In practical matters, the amount of parking has actually increased from what you may remember from The Den.  The storage units are no longer sitting in the parking lot and the stage has been removed so that space is now available again.)

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