Monday, April 4, 2011


I think I'm pretty good at solving problems with (sometimes) unique solutions.  One of the things I'm bringing into The Phoenix is an inventory system that (I think and hope) will work for everybody.  Needs to be fast enough for a bartender or barback to use and it's also gotta be easy and efficient enough for Karl and me to make sure we order what we need when we'll need it.

Over the past several months during the periods of boredom and patience that happened in between the bouts of panic and terror Karl and I have hammered out what this process will be.  It involves smartphones and barcodes and scanners and spreadsheets and color coded tags.  And, believe it or not, despite that list of things that may seem complicated, we think it'll be all the things we need it to be for everybody who has to deal with it.

(FYI, DNI = "Do Not Inventory"; often used for displays in retail stores like Costco.)

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