Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oops Number 2

Here's another "Oops".

We were told we could have any truss company build our trusses for us.  So we found one.  They were cheaper than the others so we had them build our trusses for us.  We had the city inspector out on Tuesday to do the inspection for the roof framing.  Turns out, we needed to let the City know that we had a different truss company build the trusses than the one who was listed on the truss sheet for Plan Check.

So, we had to do another truss sheet and submit it to the City as an addendum to the plans.  We can't get the inspector back out until that truss sheet has made its way through the inboxes it needs to.  We're waiting for that to happen before we can move forward with putting the shingles on.

In the end, we could end up spending more in the addendum fees than we saved with the cheaper trusses.  It's still cheaper than having a general contractor do all this for us but is still annoying.

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