Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Is There a Lawyer in the House?"

Turns out, it wasn't all resolved on Monday.

As I mentioned very briefly yesterday (it was a mobile blog posting) we met with Demo Guy yesterday afternoon.  And it turns out we're going to have to take him to small claims court to recover the costs of repairing the damage we firmly believe beyond any shadow of doubt to have been caused by his construction crew and his own negligence.

Rolled into that claim is going to be money to finish the job correctly.  We discovered yesterday that the two guys Demo Guy sent on Saturday did not install the truss correctly at all.  Even after Karl had shown the crew the plans which clearly show the proper way to install the connectors they were not done correctly.  At all.

We're considering naming names here with this contractor.  We don't want to get caught up in a libel or slander lawsuit for defamation of character so we have to tread carefully.  That's not too difficult; we just have to make sure that our opinions are clearly stated as opinions.  There can be no defamation of character or libel or slander if what is said is true; the problem becomes being able to prove in court that what we present as fact is, indeed, factual.

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  1. Bryan, I'm not a lawyer, but I DO know that the truth is always a defense to a libel or slander suit. You can't commit libel (written) or slander (oral) if what you are saying is truthful.

    So, something to think about.