Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sprucing Up

There are a number of small changes we're making to the interior.  (And a few large ones; like the peaked ceiling.)  One of them is replacing the bathroom doors.  They worked fine but, after the fire, they just didn't look, well, spiffy enough.

Last week, we went ahead and replaced the doors.  We don't yet have pictures of the replacement doors or what the old ones looked like.  But here's a picture of Karl looking at me sternly while we were there replacing the doors.
"Stop taking pictures and start working!"

(As you can see, we still do not have the drywall up over the insulation as the insulation needs to be inspected before we can do that and we don't really want to waste the inspector's time coming out for something so small.  You can also see a portion of the electrical work in the ceiling.)

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