Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pulling Teeth

On Friday, we contacted our roofing contractor.  He was to start today putting our roof on. Materials for the roof were delivered yesterday to the roof in preparation of installing said roof today.

This morning, just before Karl headed out the door to drive to the bar to basically supervise the roofing, we called the roofer to make sure he was going to be there today.  Turns out, no, he wasn't going to be there today.  (When was he going to tell us this?)  Oh, and he dropped the bombshell that he'd need electricity.  (Why doesn't he have his own?  Is he Blanche DuBois relying on the kindness of strangers?)

So, here were are in more rainy weather without a proper roof on the bar.  We impressed on this roofer that, yes, we know you may have other customers who might have a leak in their roof today because of the rain.  But, he said he'd start on Tuesday and -- although I know our own problems are almost always more important to us than the problems of others -- my roof has a lot of leaks in it.  You can't go more than four feet across our roof before you come to a leak.  So, if Roofer is concerned with leaky roofs, why does my leaky roof (which probably has among the most leaks) not get at least temporarily fixed?

This is getting ridiculous.  Why is it like pulling teeth to get some people to do the work I want to give them money for?

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