Sunday, May 22, 2011

Theme Night Survey Results!

Remember our survey from almost two months ago?  We asked for your opinion on which theme nights and events sound like fun to you.  We've finally gone through the results and this is what we got.

63.33% of you either love theme nights or will attend if it sounds fun.  (One of you hates them and 10% just don't give a rat's ass one way or the other.)

43.33% can't be counted on to show up but will occasionally.  Fully one third of you will show up whenever the theme night you like is happening.

By far, the most popular was "underwear night" at 80% responding either that they'd be there or thought it sounded like fun.  Next was Pizza and Beer night at 70% saying that they'd be there or that it sounded like fun.  (Only one person said he or she would vomit at the thought of pizza).

Other popular themes were Open Mic, Stripper and/or porn star shows (all in the once-a-month category), Uniform , the new Five-minute happy hour, drink special nights.  The only unpopular ones were Trivia Night, the Pool Tournament and Amateur Proctologist night.  So those won't be showing up on the schedule on a regular basis. (Ok, so Amateur Protologist night was never really a serious question; though 10% of you said "Dude!  I'm totally there!"  Y'all worry me....)

The Secret Discount night came in at 50/50.  So, it may not be a weekly theme but I still like the idea so it may stay as an special thing.

Thank you all who participated!

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