Thursday, May 26, 2011

Opening Day Fallout

Thank you all for the positive response to our opening date announcement(s) yesterday!  For the first time in a while, I became excited about the bar.

It's really been a struggle at times to make this work out.  On top of that, it's taken far longer than I had anticipated it would back in October when the discussions turned toward purchasing the building.  It seems amazingly naive now but I first thought we'd be open by February!  And we know how that worked out.

And, as it turns out, we'll be opening about three months after we got our building permit.  Had things moved a little faster with engineering and The City, and we got the permit in November like I thought we might have (and we were told) we would have opened in February.

Which brings up another positive thing.  As we get bids from contractors and the like, I've learned that my out-of-the-blue guesses on how much they'll be have been pretty darn close.  That means we've been "Under Budget" since the beginning.  (I'd still like to have a little more breathing room in that budget but what can ya do?  Especially at this point...)

We're a tad behind on our contractor schedule right now (but by only about two or three days) but I still think we're on track.  (We wouldn't have broadcast to the Interwebz the June 20 and 25 dates if we thought otherwise.)  We came up with this schedule about two weeks ago when we were trying to find an opening day so there's bound to be a few little hiccups.

Regardless, Karl's at the bar today again with (I think) the electrician and (definitely) the AC dudes.  I envy him that; one of the AC guys is kinda cute.  He even seems alright with gay folks, too.  He mentioned yesterday he saw our news story on ABC30 about the graffiti and laughed when I told him what it said and spelled it for him (F-A-G-E-T) he laughed.  So, he's cool.  Hopefully, we'll see him at the bar; regardless of whether or not he's straight.  The world needs more Cool-With-The-Gay folks.

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