Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's Behind Curtain Number 1?

Turns out, more curtains...

The soda shop style bar stools at the bar are quaint but difficult to work on and are slowly deteriorating.  I've called them a "Law Suit Waiting to Happen".  (I don't drink that much and even I've had, shall we say, "trouble" with the bar stools.)  So, they have to go.

First step: Get rid of them!

Second step is...  Uh, I guess there is no second step.

We started getting rid of them on Monday.  First, we had to remove the carpet and reveal some of the structure to see what the heck was going on under there.  And it turns out it'll be fairly easy to remove.  Under the carpet is some delightful vinyl flooring.  I'm sure it matched beautifully with the pink and turquoise the building used to be painted.

My!  What lovely vinyl floor covering!

We have some nice ideas for what to do with the area down there below the bar on the customer side and, for the most part, you'll have to wait to know what that is until later.

From this point in removing the bar stools, we decided it'd be easiest with electricity. There's some wood that'll need to be removed and that'll be easiest with a circular saw.  Electricity should be available in about a week.  Until then, here are some pictures to entertain yourself with.

Don't touch that!  You don't know where it's been!

Bryan getting ripped.

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