Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Trump Impersonation

After a particularly serious lapse of judgement on the part of our electrical contractor which caused an unconscionable security problem and combined with a near complete lack of the ability to communicate with each each other (we have a very hard time understanding him; English is not his native language) we had to fire him yesterday.

Karl had been doing most of the talking with this guy until yesterday so I didn't fully understand the language barrier.  His employee was able to understand him just fine (employee's native language is English) and we were dealing with him most of the time.  We learned yesterday that Contractor had fired Employee the day before.  Employee had been working with Contractor for about three years and the firing apparently came from out of the blue.

We would really have rather kept working with the same guy.  But, after a conversation that lasted at least 5 minutes (if not longer) and I still was unsure whether or not PG & E even knew we existed--much less was coming out to hook up our power to the pole--and apparently talking in circles Karl and I decided we didn't want to continue with Contractor without Employee.

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