Saturday, May 21, 2011

"What a Dump!"

This morning, I'm updating our Building Status page with updated info.  (Why would I update it with outdated info??)  I do it somewhat irregularly but mostly consistantly after certain items are completed.  I made the list months ago when I still had this nice rosy idea of what the process would be like.  Step 1 would be followed neatly by Step 2 and then closely by Step 3 and so on.

And, well, that's not quite the way it worked out and the previously nicely ordered list is now a jumbled mess.  Kinda like the bar in this picture:

It almost looks like a bar!

If I thought the Status Page would be used much beyond June XX (Oops!  Almost accidently announced our expected open date!) I'd go back and reorganize it to make more sense now that opening day is only about X weeks away (Oops!  Almost did it again; it's a number less than 6 but more than 1).  After that time, the list becomes obsolete for evey purpose other than academics.

(Yes, I'm a tease....)

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  1. Sounds like you two are almost ready for the decorators. smile