Monday, May 9, 2011

Spinning Wheels

I'm not sure what to say today.

This week we should be (finally) getting the work finished by Demo Guy.   You know, the work that should have been completed a whole month ago.  If it goes well, I suspect we can have a finished roof within a week or so.  Demo Guy has caused us nearly two weeks (if not more) in delays.

We should also be able to get the electrical work finished.  We've a meeting tomorrow with Electrical Contractor's former employee to see if working with Employee can work for us.

This was also supposed to have been the week we were going to announce an opening date.  But I don't think we're quite ready to do that.  First, we wanted to be open for the Rapture on May 21 and have a Post-rapture hang-over party on May 22; that's not happening.  Then it was Memorial Day and that's looking increasingly unlikely.  And finally, Fresno Pride on June 4; and that's not looking promising as an open date either.


  1. aaah, c'mon you guys gotta open soon! I only like the den (the phoenix)

  2. We're tryin', PR... We're tryin'.....