Friday, December 31, 2010

Meet the Contractor

For those of you who have hired a contractor before, you will know what this means. But for those who have not... here goes.

I made an appointment several days before and it was for 2:00 in the afternoon. At 2:15 Bryan asked me if I had his phone number and (Grr) I didn't. Thanks to a neighbor of the bar's I was able to look it up. (thanks Kool Designs!) I called and the response was... "Oh no I completely forgot!" (Grr) Bryan and I quickly rearranged our schedule and made a new time of 3:30 to meet. We had to go to a place that closed by 3:30 and be back.

While gone we recieved a call from the contractor. But wait; not the contractor, he loaned the phone to his father who didn't seem to know a lot about cell phones. (Grr?) However, he was very polite about dialing the wrong number and that goes a long way.

As Bryan and I were headed back we realized we were now going to be the ones who were late, so we called. He replied that it was OK and that he was about 10 minutes away now so no problem.

Yes, we were still going to meet him. And despite my grumbling he turned out to be great, and just very busy.

We went through the inside and out of the building and he asked all the right questions. And I felt he knew the right answers. But does he have the right price?

But while we were out in the parking lot, the three of us were talking and a little pickup truck pulls up. Guy steps out, takes a couple of pictures, starts shaking a can of spray paint right in front of us, and starts toward the billboard supports. All three of us were shocked; "Oh, no you don't" and "you gotta be kiddin' me." And then the guy begins to spray! Over the graffiti. Turns out he was from the billboard company and was there to paint out graffiti not create it. He turned out to be a good guy too.

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