Sunday, December 26, 2010

This Week's Projects

Here's hoping y'all had a nice Christmas or a wonderful Winter Holiday of Your Choosing Should You Choose to Celebrate Anything This Time of Year or a Pleasant Ordinary Day Should You Choose to not Celebrate Anything.  It was nice around here; didn't really do anything other than nap, take a stroll, cook, and watch football.  The day off was nice.

Just a quick update on the projects I'll be working on this coming week.
  • Our Facebook Page.  It's empty.  It's dead.  (But, honestly, it's a business page for a business that isn't open yet.  Maybe it should be fairly empty.  Regardless, I'll be looking into it.)
  • Continuing the tedious work of finding all the order numbers for the inventory we have and will have and entering in all that data into our financial software.  (For some reason, this project makes my brain bleed.)
  • Post pictures previously picked for posting.  We've got several pictures to post.  They're large (even at the smallest size my camera will take) and still on the camera's memory card.  I can't just leave anything alone--it's kinda gotta be "perfect"--so I can't just resize them and post 'em.  I gotta fix the color, remove backgrounds, crop, blah, blah, blah.
  • Post profile pictures for Karl and me.  (See above.)  I think it's about time you know who we are.
Well, that's what I have planned.  We'll see how much of it actually gets done.

1 comment:

  1. Pictures posted: Check!
    Order numbers found: CHECK!
    Profile pictures: Half-check. (Mine's up, Karl's ain't.)
    Facebook page: Still mostly empty. (Boo!)

    I suppose two and a half outta four ain't bad.