Friday, December 17, 2010

The (No Longer) Secret Plans

Another long day today.  But we got the plans submitted into the City of Fresno.  And now we wait.  When will the plans be ready?  According to the guy behind the counter at the plan check desk, "next year".  Which seemed to amuse him quite a bit.  But what that really means is that they won't get the plan check done next week and they're on "furlough" from the 27th of December to the 30th.  Regardless, it's done.

Met briefly with the Code Enforcement guy we're trying to make our friend, too.  Code Enforcement wants a lot of stuff done and we're more than willing to do it but the original deadlines are either past or coming up in about two weeks.  (They originally wanted work to begin by December 27th; that's obviously not going to happen.)  But, the guy we met with seemed nice and seemed pleased that we came to him with the receipt for the plan check and that we're keeping him informed.  He could charge us $100 an hour for working on the "case"; hopefully, if we just keep him updated on what's going on, they'll waive most if not all of that fee.  (Anybody want a "We love Code Enforcement" bumper sticker?)

Meanwhile, back at the storage locker at the bar, we're preparing to move pretty much *all* of the stuff (that we want to keep) out of there and into the storage unit we have up the street.  That's happening on Saturday.  Yep, in the rain.  Joy.

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