Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Doors and City Hall

Yesterday I spent about half of my day meeting contractors. But as I was finishing with them Bryan called and I was off to City Hall. First to get the plans. The over view sheet consists of a lot of "do this and not this", "now do this", "now don't do this." Luckily we have engineers who can explain a lot of this to me. I was glad to find out that some of it was good news since it all sounded bad to me.

My next stop was at the water and garbage department. I had previously called them and found out what was needed. All that changed in person. For the first time I was told about a deposit. And it was a large one for a business. After much discussion, and patience, it was the clerk who kept pestering her supervisor until all we needed was escrow documents and a smile. Bryan and I will do that on Friday. My hat is off to that clerk.

My next stop was to order new doors. The firemen were not very careful with the old ones, ya know. To order them I felt like I needed a class in "doorway technology". Are they right swing, or left? In or out? Do they need kerf? What is your jamb size? And of course they have to be a custom size. They will be ready next week. I think they will make the place look better even before we get a new roof.

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