Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Knock! Knock!"

Early this morning, Karl stole away from the house under cover of fog.  He stole away silently--barely disturbing the dogs--and left me to sleep.  Perhaps he waved goodbye from the bedroom door as I lay in bed sleeping and dreaming.  Perhaps I wax too pedantically poetic.

He had an appointment in Fresno.  A vital appointment.  An appointment so vital that, without having made it to the appointment, the doors of the bar would never be opened.  An appointment made with the promise of forever changing the face of Fresno's gay night life.  An appointment that ...  Oh, hell....

As I type, Karl and David are at the bar installing our new doors.  That is all.

Let's hear it for progress!


  1. Are we still looking at February/March to open the Bar to the public??
    Please, please, please!


  2. I hope so, Rene.

    Right now, the opening date is 100% out of our hands. We're waiting for the City to get our building permit issued. I've been in communication with the engineering firm over the last two days but can't really give much information other than, "Soon". Provided all goes well, opening could be mid-March at this point. But don't hold me to it.

    I hope to announce our opening date about one month before the actual day. I know it sounds cheesy, but "stay tuned".

  3. You want to flirt with Vicky the receptionist.. she can move things. The other method is to hire a 20ish blonde college girl as a "liason". Don't believe me? Just watch who pulls permits for the big developers. Been this way for 20+ years.

  4. Flirting I can do. Hiring a blonde female college student is probably not in the budget. :)

  5. What...isn't there a blond drag queen out there you could hire for a couple of cocktails to flirt with city officials?

  6. Hehehe... I'm sure there is a blonde drag queen we could use. But I'm not sure that would have the desired effect.

  7. OK, I have the blonde wig... but I will have to disguise my voice a little.