Friday, January 28, 2011

World's Tiniest Homeless Encampment

I think I'm a nice guy for the most part.  Generally, if I'm not able to use something I'm fine with someone else using it instead.

Which brings me to the bar. I don't mind that a couple of (apparently) homeless folks have taken to sleeping behind the bar.  I'm fine with providing them with a shred of shelter from the cold and rain.

What I'm *not* fine with is the mess these folks are leaving in their wake.  I'm not fine with them apparently destroying one (or more) of the benches that used to be out there.  (If they're using it for firewood, that's a bit different but I see no trace of fire behind the bar.)  I'm not fine with them randomly ripping out water and gas pipes.

These people have begun to cost me money.  And, in this case, that's where my charity ends.

Look, Apparently-Homeless-People, nobody else is using the space so go ahead and use it for shelter. Although I think I should, I have not called the cops on you for trespassing.  And you are probably a liability for my insurance.  But treat the space with some shred of respect.  Clean up after yourselves.  Be a good temporary resident.  Don't rip stuff off the building because you think you need it more than we do.

Since the apparently-homeless-people are unlikely to read this, we're putting in a fence (hopefully within a week) to keep them out.  They've outstayed their unspoken welcome.

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