Saturday, January 22, 2011

Error!! Page Found!

One of the things that makes a website well-rounded is styled error pages.  You've seen the ugly ones.  They say "404: File not found" on a white background and that's about it.  (There are a lot of other error types, by the way.)  And let's face it.  They're ugly.  They serve their purpose, of course, but, Damn!  They be UGG LEE!

So, I like to make 'em at least match the rest of the site.  (But not too much, otherwise it's not obvious you're on an error page.)  And, given the opportunity, I'll toss some humor into 'em, too.

All of this is to say that I've gone and completed the major HTTP Error Status pages I think we'll need for the site.  Big deal, eh?  Sorta like patting myself on the back for not spiling water out of my sippy cup.

What's strange about styled error pages and them fitting into a site is that, if all goes well, they'll never, ever been seen.  (Like the SEO I talked about earlier.)  It's kind of like a Van Gogh on the middle layer of 3 ply toilet paper.  So, to show off 'em off (and it'll probably make 'em indexed by search engines; not terribly crazy about that) here they are:

400 Bad Request
403 Forbidden (Probably my favorite)
404 File not Found
500 Internal Server Error


  1. hahaha that bad boy needs a little hair on his chest! The bear's my favorite too. Next time put a bear MAN up, and I'll be much happier ;D

  2. Yeah, he does. But he's what I found that was in my budget at the time. When using royalty-free stock photos that are free you kind of have to take what's available. :)

    (Having better error page images is one of the things I want an artist for.)