Monday, January 17, 2011

Did We Choose A Bad Name?


Both Karl and I rather like the name, "The Phoenix".  Unfortunately, it's made finding us in Google (or other search engines) kinda difficult.  A quick search of "The Phoenix Fresno" brings up a lot of airline information and plenty of information about both Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix and Fresno International.  Not exactly what I'd hoped for.  So, I gotta fix that.

That's called SEO or "Search Engine Optimization".  It's the act of changing a web site so search engines like Google and Bing and Yahoo! (and others I can't remember) rank the site higher in their listings so the site appears closer to the top of the list.  (For example, searching for "Den Fresno" in Google brings up The Den's website as the first listing.)

SEO is one of those things that, if done well, you don't notice.  Much like the soundtrack to a movie.

We're in the databases (Searching for "Phoenix Fresno Gay Bar" we're mentioned on a site and that's close.)  I just have to re-work the site so our site is near the top.  I have my work cut out for me here....


  1. OK, so your on the 17th page of Google's search results. It'll get better as more people search you out and click directly on your sites link. One day you may even get complaints from the security company that has a similar url, or the school named "Phoenix" in Fresno. At any rate, hopefully you'll soon pass up the Den listed on the 16th page of results with it's mention of the Phoenix.

    Thanks for keeping us posted on the progress,

  2. You're welcome!

    We're on the 17th page, eh? The important question is: Are we "above the fold" on that 17th page??? That'll make a world of difference!

    And that security company is what made us chose the domain name we did. (Not that we asked them or they in any way contacted us.)

    (By the way, we're on the 10th page of Bing for "Phoenix Fresno". We're movin' up! Too bad I don't care for Bing... :) )