Monday, January 24, 2011

Posting Posted Post Prescribed Period

(Why am I so fond of alliteration?)

Well, it's been thirty days that the required "Notice of Pending Transfer" for the liquor license has been posted.  Actually, it's been more than 30 days now.  (Hence, "Post-30 days" in the title.)

We're only waiting for the ABC to clear the license and to hear back from the State Board of Equalization (The Sales Tax people) before we can close the license transfer and have it in our names.  Then, we can OPEN! YAY!

Now.  If we can only solve that tiny little problem of not having a roof for the bar, we'd be set...

This is one of the major Magical Hoops™ and we're about to jump clean through it.  Through this process the ABC has been remarkably helpful and friendly.  I highly recommend anybody who needs a liquor license deal with them and them alone.  ("....What's that?....  They have to go through the ABC? ...  Oh.  Well, I stand by my recommendation anyway.")

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