Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So Many Contractors, So Little Time

We both had a busy day yesterday.

I spent much of the day working on features for the website and replying to email sent to our Suggestion Box.  Late in the day, I got a very long form for the website completed.  I saved the form, previewed it in the web browser, made a change that should have been simple, saved it again, cleared away the somewhat familiar error message that hasn't been a problem before, and accidently over-wrote about 2 hours of work with no Undo feature.  That was frustrating.  I went for a walk and came back and re-did the work.

Meanwhile, Karl was meeting contractors for bids on electrical and insulation work.  As you may have seen from yesterday's mid-afternoon update, the plan check at the City was finished and ready to pick up.  Yep, it was earlier than I expected.

So, Karl had a sudden change of plans:  Drive to City Hall, give them even more money (Why didn't they charge us everything we needed to pay the first time?) and drive the plans back to the engineering firm so they can make the City-requested changes.  Despite the earlier statement from the City that no handicapped upgrades are needed, one of the changes is that we now need to do some accessibility upgrades.  (And the magical hoop moves once again.)

The amount of bureaucracy that is present in this process is staggering.  It's almost as if Fresno doesn't want anything to be done ever within its limits.  As I've said before, I don't mind jumping through hoops; just keep the hoops in the same place.

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