Friday, January 14, 2011

To Auction!

Later today, we should be bringing a bunch of stuff that we aren't going to use to the auction house.  Older equipment, older cash registers, older bar owners, that sort of thing.  (Ok, I'm not really going to set Karl out to auction; that'd be rude.)  (But he is older than I am.)  They'll (hopefully) be sold off and help make the check book fatter rather than it just getting skinnier and skinnier.

(I know it ain't much of an update.  But not a lot has been happening that's actual work.)


  1. Auction? When and where?

  2. The stuff was taken to the Fresno Auction Company on R Street in downtown Fresno. They tell me the auction will be on Thursday night, January 20.

    There's the old cash registers, the old TV, a couple of microwaves, the computerized POS (Point of Sale) system, and a few other things I can't quite remember right now. (Coffee hasn't kicked in yet. :) )

    Oh, and I also brought down my own old 1080i HDTV RCA 52" widescreen TV. Bid early and bid often! :)