Sunday, January 2, 2011

Puttin' on the Patch

Braving the elements and risking falling to the floor, I climbed onto the roof of the bar this past week to patch the giant 4-foot square hole in the roof.  Sorta.  It's not a great patch and it certainly will not keep out all water but it'll help both Karl and me sleep better at night.  Especially during rain storms.  And here are some pictures!

Picking the perfect patch panel.

From the old stage.

Is that a rat!?

My new umbrella.  It's a tad unweildy.

"Put your shoulder to the ladder."

"Rise!  RISE!"

Does this make me a drag queen?

ACK! What's that behind me!?

One, poundy, poundy....

Two poundy poundy.

More than Two-poundy-poundy's later....

Nice work!  (Ok, not really.)

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